Keep Cool in the Summer Months with Texas Cool Vests

There are a lot of benefits to living in the Texas area, primarily because the true essence of all that is America can be found in Texas. Of the things that go into making Texas one-of-a-kind, there is only one that perhaps most people would be willing to change, and that is the intense heat of the summer months. When the temperature starts rising, it becomes impossible to even think, let alone function properly. Heatstroke and heat exhaustion have become all too common, especially for people who work outdoors every day during the summer.

With summer just around the corner, it is imperative to get all the tools and tricks that can help you keep your body temperature down. Keeping cool, staying in the shade, and hydrating properly are all essential for surviving the cruel Texan summer. Thankfully, with the constant developments in technology, almost all houses are fitted with air conditioning units, and every day people work on innovations that can help individuals keep cool during the summers. One such invention is the cooling vest made by Texas Cool Vest.

Law Enforcement Vests

The police duty vest designed by Texas Cool Vest, especially for members of law enforcement, is perfect for those officials that want to look their part while still being able to keep their body temperature down during the oppressive summer heat of Texas. Depending on the part of law enforcement you are from, you can choose different designs of vests. You can choose between vests that have police or security printed on the front and back or even go for fluorescent-colored reflecting vests.

The Texas Cool Vest is perfect for anybody who loves being outdoors, as this vest acts as a personal cooling system for the wearer. The police duty vest allows law enforcement officers or any other wearers to keep their body temperature at a cool and comfortable 65º Fahrenheit.

The vest itself features adjustable shoulder straps and an easy-to-use zipper on the front. Since it is a vest designed specially to look like the official bulletproof vests that police officers and other law enforcement officers have, it also features six adjustable straps on the sides. The cooling system of the vest comes from the four standard cool packs that are built into the vest.

Each standard cool pack contains 65° Fahrenheit phase change material technology that gives cooling to the wearer for about two and a half hours. The amount of time the cool packs provide comfort greatly depends on the individual wearer’s body, the temperature on the outside, and the amount of physical activity the wearer gets up to. These cool packs can be recharged by putting them in ice water for 20 minutes. The vest itself only weighs about 4.8 pounds, so you won’t have to worry about carrying any extra weight in the heat.

Texas Cool Vest is a Houston, Texas-based brand that offers a number of vests that keep the wearer cool during the intense summer months when the heat becomes unbearable in Texas. These vests come in a variety of colours and designs that people can choose from. You can check out their various designs and size availabilities on their website.

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