Protecting yourself and Others from Heat Exhaustion

Stay Aware of the Weather, Your Environment and How You Feel Awareness Pay attention to the weather and the forecast. Summer is always hot but during the hottest months heat advisories are often released to let you know of elevated risk of heat induced illness. Look at the CDC Heat Tracker to see if your … Read more

What Is A Cooling Vest And How to Make It Your Summer Companion

Perhaps you heard about them or not, but cooling vests are brilliant inventions so far. These vests are manufactured with smart designs and pockets to seal cool packs. These packs allow your body to maintain a stable and soothing inner environment without any additional effort. For example, a military hybrid cooling vest is commonly used … Read more

Endure The Hard Texan Summer with Cooling Vests

With global warming being what it is, we all need to be well prepared for the summer months, especially in areas that regularly get high temperatures and scant rain. Areas like Texas, which are especially harsh during the summer, require people to get creative with the ways they can keep cool and Texas Cool Vest … Read more

Keep Cool in the Summer Months with Texas Cool Vests

There are a lot of benefits to living in the Texas area, primarily because the true essence of all that is America can be found in Texas. Of the things that go into making Texas one-of-a-kind, there is only one that perhaps most people would be willing to change, and that is the intense heat … Read more

Keep Your Cool This Summer With An Army Cooling Vest

When working in the heat all day, you need to be extra careful about your health. You can minimize the danger of a heat stroke simply by investing in a cooling vest. Wearing a cooling military vest can be a great help for you whether you’re a construction worker who spends all day outside in … Read more

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