Cooling Vests for Construction and Industral Workers (OSHA Compliant Heat Mitigation PPE)

Protect Yourself and Your Workers From Heat Stress, Improve Safety and Effectiveness

Many jobs require our workforce to be in stressful situations and difficult environments that are hard on the body. A large number of difficult work environments involve working in high temperatures that can impact worker health and safety in general. This has an enormous impact on worker effectiveness and employee satisfaction.

Manufacturing, heavy industry, road workers, roofing, HVAC and construction work are all industries that need to be able to lower the health risks to their employees to retain workforce, increase workplace safety, and increase productivity, all while meeting quotas.

In the past, heavy industry and construction workers only had access to old technology such as cooling jackets, ice vests and evaporation based technology. These vests either cause skin damage and confuse the vascular system with 32℉ or only work in evaporation friendly environments.

Texas Cool Vest offers a series of NASA developed phase change cooling vests that can help you and your workforce remain functional throughout the day in difficult heat stress situations. Our cooling vest inserts maintain a constant 65℉, the optimal temperature to maintain core body temperature.

These cooling vests work the same regardless of the working environment; indoors, outdoors, in the sun or shade, in an protective environmental suit or in the wind. As long as as our cool packs have contact with the body, it keeps working; saving the body energy for other tasks.

When you wear a cooling vest, you are more productive and you feel better when you get home at night.

This vest is AWESOME! I was able to work all day in direct sunlight without any overheating (8hrs). Actually staying cool!!! My new favorite jobsite tool! I will never go to work without it now!

— Scott D., Texas
man wearing the texas cool vest standard in khaki

We pride ourselves in the fact that our vests are 100% MADE IN TEXAS

Our phase change cooling packs recharge in as little as 20 minutes for all day cooling!

Our cooling vests use NASA researched technology and have been in keeping Americans safe for over two decades!

BULK pricing is available!

We Offer Cooling Vests to Meet Your Workforce Needs

OSHA has workplace safety guidelines and has temperature limits that un-acclimitized and acclimatized workers are able to work in before measures must be taken to protect worker safety. These measures include engineering controls such as air conditioning, exhaust ventilation, insulation and reflective shielding.

OSHA also recommends the use of cooling vests as part of protective personal equipment (PPE) that can be used to provide additional heat mitigation for the workforce. The Teamsters Union recognizes the value of PPE such as cooling vests “can be worn to protect against heat exposures both when actively engaged at work and at rest”.

General Construction and Industrial Use Cooling Vests

Sometimes you just need to stay cool. General construction that doesn’t have special requirements to meet regulations or have increased heat mitigation needs can use our most popular vests.

Standard Vest Starter Kit

Our standard cool vest kit

Most Popular Kit (Khaki)

  • Many color and material options (Polycotton Twill Khaki is most popular)
  • 2 complete Standard Cool Packs included
  • 2-3hr duration per set of packs


View Std. Cool Vest Kit

Pooling of Cooling Vests to Share Between Crews

A note from a customer regarding a small team using a pool of cool vests:

Three vest and four sets of coolpacks keep my three man road construction crew cool all day. The packs are changed by each worker in a rotation every 20-30 minutes. The spare set is kept in a cooler or ice water while the other three are being used. Swap out your pack after a couple hours and you are good to go. Since the packs will completely recharge in 20 minutes, the next worker can get a fresh recharged set in just a few minutes. This rotation system keeps everyone working., all day without heat stress.


Our 4″ Khaki standard cool vest kit

Quick Adjust Cooling Vest

  • PolyCotton Twill rip and tear resistant fabric
  • Easily adjustable vest with Hook&Loop Shoulder Adjustments and a 4″ Khaki Elastic Waist Adjustment strap
  • 2 complete Standard Cool Packs included
  • 2-3hr duration per set of packs


View 4″ Khaki Std. Cool Vest Kit

Under Garment / Environmental Suits Cooling Vests

Our standard cool vest (as seen above) that comes in a supplex version can also be worn under environmental suits. If your operating under tight working conditions consider using our Light Cool Vest with Standard size packs.

Light Vest - Starter Kit

Our Light Cool Vest Kit

  • Concealable / Under Garment
  • Perfect for environmental suides
  • Can accomodate light & standard cool packs
  • 2 Complete Standar Packs included
  • 2-3 hr duration per set of standard packs


View Light Cool Vest /w Std Packs

Increased Heat Mitigation Requirements

110℉+ Environments or Worker Weighs over 250lbs.

Heavier people have larger blood supplies and require increased surface area on their packs to remain cool.

All people working in 110℉ or above environments require increased cooling capacity.

The Expandable Cool Vest

Our expandable Cool Vest Kit

  • Perfect for Larger Individuals with increase cooling requirements
  • comes with 2 complete Heavy Duty cool pack sets
  • Heavy Packs are well suited to extended time duration and people with increased blood supply
  • All people working in over 110℉ require Heavy Duty Cooling Packs


See Expandable Cool Vest Kit

We also offer a heavy duty cooling vest that is flame resistant.

Special Requirement Vests

Flame Resistance, High Visibility and High Visibility with Reflector Stripes Also Available

standard vest in blue banox fire resistant material

Our Blue Bannox cool vest

Flame Retardant Rated

  • Blue Bannox is a FR3 rated flame retardant material
  • 2 complete Standard Cool Packs included
  • 2-3hr duration per set of packs


View Bannox Standard Cooling Vest

ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 Compliant High Visibility Cooling Vests

Our vests are the tool you need to stay safe not just from heat but also to be seen by heavy equipment operators and motorists.

The High Visibility with Reflector Striping is the vest you need for any of the following:

  • Warehouse workers
  • Emergency service personnel including Police and EMS
  • Tow Truck Drivers
  • Traffic control
  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Construction workers on sites with heavy machinery
  • and more …
osha ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 compliant high visibility cooling vest


ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 Compliant High Vis Cooling Vest

  • Our high visibility reflector strip version for low light visibility perfect for all situations where visibility is the top priority. Also available without the stripe for $249.
  • 2 set of Standard Cool Packs included
  • 2-3hr duration per set of packs


View High Vis Cool Vest Kit

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