Cooling Vests for Fishing

A Group of Friends Share a Day on the Water

The sun was a relentless force overhead, its rays beaming down on the clear waters of Lake Buchanan. A group of fishermen, the ‘Lone Star Anglers,’ had set out early in the morning, hoping to snag the biggest catches of the season. They’d been at it for hours, their passion undeterred by the rising temperatures.

By noon, however, the heat had taken its toll. Sweat ran down their brows, and shirts clung to backs. Every cast felt heavier, every tug on the line less exciting. The scorching Texas sun drained their energy, and their initial enthusiasm began to wane.

“I reckon we’d better pack up,” said Ray, wiping his brow. “This heat’s gonna fry us before we get any real fishing done.”

“I hate to admit it,” replied Jake, “but you might be right. Ain’t no fish worth a heat stroke.”

Just then, a newcomer strolled down the pier. It was Mike, a fellow angler, known to the group but not a regular. What struck the group wasn’t his impeccable timing but the sleek, blue vest he wore. Even in the oppressive heat, Mike looked cool, calm, and collected.

“Hey, Mike!” called out Sam. “Ain’t you burning up in that?”

Mike laughed, patting his Texas Cool Vest. “This ain’t just a fashion statement, boys! This is my secret weapon against the Texas heat.”

Curious, the group gathered around as Mike explained how the vest worked, showcasing the cool pack inserts and demonstrating how they maintained a steady 65 degrees Fahrenheit. He told them how it helped him expend less energy fighting off the heat, allowing him to stay out longer and fish in comfort.

Seeing the potential game-changer, the Lone Star Anglers decided to give the Texas Cool Vests a try. Within an hour, each angler was equipped with a vest, their energy restored, and their passion reignited.

The afternoon saw a transformation. Instead of being beaten down by the heat, the group thrived. Their casts were sharp, their focus undeterred. Every bite was met with renewed excitement, and the camaraderie that had earlier wilted in the heat was now back in full force.

As the sun began its descent, casting a golden hue over Lake Buchanan, the group’s buckets were brimming with the day’s catch. Not only had they managed to stay out during the hottest part of the day, but they had also reaped the rewards of their persistence.

Gathering around their cooler of catches, the Lone Star Anglers couldn’t help but marvel at their turnaround. All thanks to the Texas Cool Vests, they had turned a potentially disappointing day into one of their most memorable fishing trips.

As they packed up, Ray turned to the group, a grin on his face, “You know, I reckon we’ve found ourselves a new fishing tradition.”

With a chorus of agreement, the fishermen made their way home, their spirits high and their bodies cool, all thanks to a little Texas innovation.

We Offer Cooling Vests to Help Your Fishing More Enjoyable

Sometimes you just need to stay cool on the water. We recommend our Standard Khaki Vest Kit with two sets of Cool Packs for the outdoors enthusiast.

Our standard cool vest kit

Most Popular Kit

  • Many color and material options (Polycotton Twill Khaki is most popular)
  • 2 complete Standard Cool Packs included
  • 2-3hr duration per set of packs (Stay on the Water All Day!)
  • This vest is also available in several camouflage options including Multicam


View Std. Cool Vest Kit

Pooling of Cooling Packs to Share Between Friends and Family

Several friends or family members could share one or two extra sets of cool packs and rotate the recharged sets among the group as needed. As the cool packs in use expire, place them in the ice water in your cooler and they will recharge in about 20 minutes. This way each person can stay cool all day and reducing costs for the group. The majority of the group could get the single cool pack vest option and one or two vests would select the two cool pack set option for maximum savings.

A note from a customer regarding a small team using a pool of cool vests:

Three vest and four sets of coolpacks keep my three man road construction crew cool all day. The packs are changed by each worker in a rotation every 20-30 minutes. The spare set is kept in a cooler or ice water while the other three are being used. Swap out your pack after a couple hours and you are good to go. Since the packs will completely recharge in 20 minutes, the next worker can get a fresh recharged set in just a few minutes. This rotation system keeps everyone working., all day without heat stress.

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