The Expandable Cool Vest

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The Expandable Cool Vest is made from black Supplex, a soft, lightweight material. The vest is able to accommodate our much larger Heavy Duty Cool packs as well as Standard Cool Packs.

Cool Vest Kits are vests with TWO sets of Cool Packs — $25 less than extra set of packs purchased separately. Select the two pack option for all day cooling with no down time and save!

Heavy Duty Cool Packs have 40% larger surface area compared to Standard for enhanced cooling (less energy expended by your body). We also recommend Heavy Duty Packs for all customers over 250lbs.

This vest is one size fits most — it is able to adjust from average to XL body sizes. XXL is also possible with our 10″ expansion straps for a more dynamic garment range.

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Our largest and most versatile cooling vest!

This Expandable Cool Vest is able to use both the standard and heavy duty cool packs. Heavy duty cool packs are 40% larger in size than standard for extra skin contact and provide increased cooling duration.

This vest is ideal for those looking for a larger, longer lasting cooling option.

The heavy cooling packs have 40% more surface area and contains twice as much phase change material than standard for increased heat mitigation.

If you weigh 250+ pounds: the Expandable Cool Vest with Heavy Duty packs is designed for increased cooling requirements to match larger bodies.

The heavy packs are needed in temperatures exceeding 110 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of your size.

If you require heavy duty packs and a flame retardant material vest, consider the Heavy Duty Cool Vest, made from Banox; a flame resistant material.

This vest can also accommodate our standard cool packs that will last 2-2 1/2 hrs depending on activity levels in 100 degree heat.

This vest is one size fits most — it is able to adjust from average to XL body sizes. XXL is also possible with our 10″ expansion straps for a more dynamic garment range.

This vest is a versatile personal cooling system that maintains a comfortable 65° F temperature thanks to our phase change cool pack technology.

Best suited for:

  • High temperature environments requiring increase temperature mitigation
  • Environments with poor air circulation such as delivery trucks, warehouses, machine shops and factories
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Off shore workers
  • Mechanics and Machinists
  • Oil Rig specialists
  • BIG People (Larger people have larger blood supply and require more surface area contact with cooling packs)
  • Anchor men / Long Shoremen / Professional Fishing Crews
  • Work Teams
  • Professional Security Agents, Bail Bond & Bounty Hunters
  • Golfers
  • Hunters / Anglers
  • Football players
  • Police Officers (that are not in current need of Ballistics protection)

The Expandable Vest Design Features:

  • (8) Super Adjustable elastic/velcro shoulder & torso straps, almost twice the size of or standard vest (check out our Sizing Chart)
  • Easy on and off zipper front
  • Heavy-duty Cool Packs contain 65° Fahrenheit phase change material technology.
  • Heavy-duty Cool Packs typically last about 3 ½ hours (depending on your personal body, the temperature outside, and the amount of physical exertion you are performing).
  • Cool Packs charge in ice water in 20 minutes (Can be charged in Refrigerator, or freezer, but take a bit longer)
  • Weighs about 8.25 lbs. (The Expandable Cool Vest with the Extra Large Cool Packs in place)
  • Designed to fit any adult from a size large to XXXL (This is our Largest Vest offered)
  • Accommodates Standard Cool Packs or Light Cool Packs for a lighter weight option.
  • Color and Fabric: Black Supplex Garment
  • Super long removable elastic straps with a long shoulder adjustment.
  • The extra-long elastic straps can wrap complete around the outside of the garment for a sure fit and maximum adjustment.
  • Accommodates additional Extension Straps that allows the vest to adjust for longer shoulders and larger waist if needed. These straps are sold separately for an additional charge. The straps come in a set of 8 that are each 2” wide. See Sizing Chart for more details.
Sizing Chart

Smallest Width: 31 in.
Largest Width: 50 in.
Length Range: 28 in.
With Expansion Straps: 60 in.

Please note that each set of Expansion Straps extends the width/length range an additional 10 inches so you can add as many as you need. These can be used on the Expandable Cool Vest, the Light Cool Vest, and the Standard Khaki Vest with the 4 inch Waist Band.

Warranty Information

Texas Cool Vest’s Cooling Vest products are backed by a 90-day limited warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not include puncture to Cool Packs or other damage caused by End User misuse, abuse, or damage. Texas Cool Vest also offers a 30 day money back guarantee.


One set of Std Packs, Two Sets of Std Packs, One Set of Heavy Packs, Two Sets of Heavy Packs

expandable cool vest with two sets of cool packs
The Expandable Cool Vest
From $149.95