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    The Standard Cool Vest design is more attractive with one time adjustable side straps. This improved design features adjustable shoulders, and an easy on/off front zipper. This new design feature is also one Cool Vest Light, our concealable model, is it’s easier to get on/off than our original Cool Vest Light. The original model was designed after a bullet proof vest which had no zipper. We added a front zipper for your convince. This is our most versatile model it, will fit a range of sizes from children to adults.

    We offer several fabrics types and many colors. Custom colors or fabrics are no problem,  (but special production runs require a minimum of 50 vest) just call and let us know what your needs are.

    Standard Cool Packs (containing 65° fahrenheit phase change material technology) typically last 2 ½ hours before recharging. Placing the cool packs in ice water for only 20 minutes will bring them back to full capacity. Cool Vest Light packs are a pound lighter and typically last 1 ½ hours. Email us if you want the longer lasting standard packs for the Cool Vest Light model. Our cool packs fit in either model so it’s up to you. Most people want the longer duration, so we sell a lot more standard packs than lightpacks. If weight is an issue, light packs are better for children and smaller individuals. No need to consult a sizing chart before ordering our cool vests are comfortable, one size fits all models.

    A picture is worth a thousand words so check out all the photographs. Click on the pictures for different views. The most important thing of all is that you try a Texas Cool Vest you will enjoy it for years to come. Click on your vest and we will take you to the order page.

    Thank you, “The Cool Vest Guy”.

    NOTE: Orders from outside the United States are subject to additional shipping charges and custom duties. Fax or e-mail your requests to Texas Cool Vest for further details.

    Three basic styles available to suit you requirements.   All our PCM cool packs are reusable thousands of times.   Order the standard supplex coolvest as a gift or for your own use,   Order the 4" Khaki for industrial or heavy use.


Texascoolvest    Standard

Texascoolvest     Light

Texascoolvest    Heavy Duty


 Part Number Series "STD-


Part Number  Series  CVL-

Part Number  Series CVHD-

Fully Adjustable, with Standard cool packs. Available in most colors made with Supplex, Cotton Twill, and Banox fabrics. Designed for individual's our side adjustment straps are made to retain their custom fit . Our Industrial model with the 4" waist band is designed to heavy use in PolyCotton twill. These are for quick size adjustments by multi users in Plants fishing boats Our most versatile model. Fits everyone from children through adults. Fully adjustable our with smaller packs (below ) at only 3.8 pounds. May be worn under other ballistics vest or outer garments,. Used mostly by Law Enforcement in Black.  The White Supplex is used by surgeons and is great under a suit coat with a tie at outdoor events like the Paris Air Show. Put on you coat and pull the tie over the vest and no one knows.

Rated for 125 deg for 2 hours . As seen below these packs are much larger for more cooling effect.  Fully Adjustable. Available in blue Banox fabric. Our adjustment straps allows custom fit to each individual in this one size fits all model.  Used in very hot environments like steel mills, foundries, ship yards, autoclaves,large process ovens and by  welders.

5" x 12" : Standard duty cool packs with 1600g of PCM material in a plastic covering,  total vest weigh is only 4.8 lbs. Pack on the left is charged at 65 Deg F.  The right is discharged

Clear at 70F, White at 64.8 deg F (charged)

5"x12":  Light duty cool packs (Right) with 1340g of PCM material in a plastic covering with a total vest weigh of only 3.8 lbs. These packs have three segments for a better fit under other garments

Clear at 70F , White at 64.8 deg F (charged)

6" X 14"  Heavy duty cool packs with 3400g of PCM material in a plastic covering, total vest weigh is only 8.7lbs. These will also fit in any Standard or Heavy Duty vest.

Clear at 70, White at 64.8 deg F (charged)

Texascoolvest    Standard

Texascoolvest    Light

Texascoolvest    Heavy Duty

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